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CD-Release WOTSALA "The story of Orpheus & Eurydike" (LP)

Available on May 2022

Improvised Music in 11 Images with Marcello Wick & Andreas Paragioudakis


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STIMMSINN: Workshop Bodywork, Breath & Voice

Kammgarn Hard, Spinnereistraße 10 , 6971 Hard, Austria

We meet and enter the exciting field of experience of the voice. In the cultural space of Kammgarn Hard we are allowed to sound, breathe and move. We go in search of our own vocal sound and its wonderful facets. Singing together and awakening our own audibility are the focus of this collective sound journey.

With Andreas Paragioudakis MA Elemental Music Pedagogue


Bahnhof Andelsbuch, Hof 347, 6866, Andelsbuch(AT)

Tambourla is a dynamic trio collaboration between Andreas Paragioudakis, the renowned percussionist Martin Grabher(A) and the master of fine guitar sounds Toni Eberle. The focus of this trio is the creation of dreamy grooves on the oldest traditional music of Crete and original compositions. The marriage of some of Crete's most important instruments such as the lyre, the lute and the shepherd's flute as well as the voice and the Armenian duduk with conventional and unconventional percussion of the Occident and the Orient combined with the sensitive sounds of the guitar, loops, drones and harmonic electronics create a unique sound experience. Andreas Paragioudakis: Lyra, Laute, Winds, Voice Martin Grabher: Percussion, Drums, Electronics feat. Toni Eberle: Gitarre, Electronics


(CEST, UTC+02) (CEST, UTC+02)

Freudenhaus Lustenau, Dornbirner Str, 6890 Lustenau, Austria

From the concert cycle "unter der Laterne", four musicians have come together , moving full of poetry between the worlds of the Orient and the Occident

The quartet formation STALA is united by the love for the unpredictable. Compositions by all four musicians linked by improvisation and interaction create an intimate chamber music world. Devotion to the music and the moment, giving space, making room for beauty, that is the intention. Improvised chamber music, an East-West encounter of the successful kind, carried by four strong musical personalities

Herbert Walser: Trumpet/Electronics Andreas Paragioudakis: Piano/ cretan Lyra/ cretan Lute Florian King: Bass/Electronics Martin Grabher: Drums/ Percussion


 —  —

Bildungshaus St.Arbogast, Götzis (A)

The free act of making music, created from the moment, is something that can be found in all eras, musical styles and cultures. It reflects our most primal musical expression. First of all, you have to become free - you just have to let go so that inspiration smiles at you and takes you beyond your own limitations. When you grow beyond yourself in the process and let the music flow, new artistic works emerge that take you far beyond what we understand as music - stories and pictures emerge. With our vocal sounds we paint loudly and quietly into space and time; archaic music meets modernity, beyond stylistic and aesthetic guidelines and expectations.

But improvisation also needs space to play, rules and structures, to "be all ears", to "tune in to each other", to "listen in and hear". Improvisation is always a form of communication - it is a game with the voice with different interactors.

Music emerges from this game. For a week, just follow your open ears and the moment, whether with a focus on vocal development, intonation or rhythm; every free foray - played as a short gem or with a long dramaturgical arc - paints the unheard out of immediacy. There is no better or worse, no success or failure. The only thing that counts is the monologue, the interaction, the dialogue, the shared musical journey.

We work in the group, where improvised choral music is created, creating solos, duets, trios with our voices or adding instruments. We work with the body, impulses and the pauses. Elements from theatre or dance can also give us inspiration for our music.


Also polyphonic songs of the East-Mediterranean region, mountain songs of Crete and elemental songs of the Balkan region give an insight into a less known vocal culture.

from free throat

Direction: Marcello Wick & Andreas Paragioudakis

Voice and body work. Work on different singing techniques.

Improvisation in groups, ensembles or solo. A cappella or with


Forays into the world of improvisation: 4 1/2 days.

Course location: Bildungshaus St.Arbogast

Switch off, come to yourself, have time and enjoy: Peace, song and music, nature. The Bildungshaus St.Arbogast in Vorarlberg is a great place for discoveries - be it reading, walking or hiking and of course for singing and improvising together.

We may sing in the large seminar room, outside and also in the chapel.


Course 2022: Start: Monday, 4 July 2022, 2 p.m., End: Friday, 8 July 2022, 2 p.m.


Course fee: 500.- €. (Price reduction for students on request)

Early bird bonus (until 1.6.2022): 450.-€.

Accommodation prices: Single room: 367 €, Double room: 327 €, Shared room: 287 €.

Number of participants:

8 - 16 persons

What to bring:

Comfortable clothes for working in the seminar room.

Instruments, if available.

Seasonal clothing and shoes for leisure and walking.

Registration & info:

Andreas Paragioudakis:

Marcello Wick: