WOTSALA, an improvising collaboration between Andreas Paragioudakis and the singer/ multi instrumentalist Marcello Wick was born 2020 as a video-streaming project that dedicated its activity in interpreting ancient myths through music.

The sound spheres created through the combination of harmonic and sub-harmonic singing, cretan mountain singing, piano, hangdrum, udu, Lyra and lute, call the listeners to travel into imaginary landscapes and experience their own archaic stories within the frame of myth



WOTSALA has realized a series of improvised and composed recordings inspired from the myth of Orpheus & Eurydike. These recordings are about to be produced on a CD. Feel free to take a look at the videos and if you wish to support the production of this project you can donate any amount you wish on the following account with the quote "Support WOTSALA" -"Unterstützung WOTSALA"

Andreas Paragioudakis

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