Sacred tunes

SALINGARI is the result of 10 years of various collaborations and projects between Andreas Paragioudakis and the saxophonist & sound creator Robert Bernhard

This Duett composes unique sound spheres that combine traditional sound colors with contemporary music  in order to be performed acoustically in sacral spaces such as churches and cathedrals.

The homonymous CD-Release is now available!

It is raining golden flakes
They flow in gentle streams around and from a membrane
soundproofing the world
A honey sap melts the sharp corners into roundness
The hardened metal becomes flux
A filter leaves the cold outside
Drops of sugar on this second skin that spread around the bodies
The pearls go through the skin and under
awakening the warmth deep inside
Through the pores, luminous sounds sing
laughters can be heard which, from within, are offered to the world
Inside, the bubbles of a liquid world gently make their way through
And the waves reach the outside


Text/Drawing: Lucie Schaeren