tunes & grooves

Tambourla is a dynamic trio collaboration between Andreas Paragioudakis, the renowned percussionist Martin Grabher(A) and the master of fine guitar sounds Toni Eberle.
The focus of this trio is the creation of dreamy grooves on the oldest traditional music of Crete and original compositions. The marriage of some of Crete's most important instruments such as the Lyra, the lute and the shepherd's flute as well as the voice and the Armenian duduk with conventional and unconventional percussion of the Occident and the Orient combined with the sensitive sounds of the guitar, loops, drones and harmonic electronics create a unique sound experience.

Andreas Paragioudakis: Lyra, Laute, Winds, Voice
Martin Grabher: Percussion, Drums, Electronics
Toni Eberle: Gitarre, Electronics