TERRACOTTA Project: CD-Presentation

Theater am Saumarkt, Mühletorplatz 1, 6800 Feldkirch

TERRACOTTA project is the common meeting point and inspiration of three musicians from Rethymnon, Crete. The musical material consists of compositions by Andreas Paragioudakis and is imbued with the special timbres and high musical level of this musical collaboration.

The way the three musicians create the musical atmosphere is unique. Through their deep communication, they invite the audience to a musical journey to the present of the wider East-Mediterranean area, full of memories, experiences and inspirations. The simple compositional forms open space for the development of sound worlds that touch the listener's senses. They create images that are directly connected to the Cretan nature. The delicate lines of the double bass combined with the particularly sensitive and at the same time dynamic interplay of the stamna (clay drum) and the piano create a Mediterranean chamber music aesthetic that incorporates the elements and timbres of tradition, jazz, rock and classical music without limiting itself to any of these genres.


Andreas Paragioudakis: piano/lyra Yiannis Polychronakis: double bass/lyra Yiannis Papatzanis: percussion